Nutritional Therapy

At all Functional Medicine Centers we have a strong emphasis on Nutritional therapy. Each patient works with one of our nutritionists to determine what foods do and do not work for them, as well as guiding them through any detox or healing diet plans that the doctor suggests based on their bloodwork.

Why should I care about Blood Sugar?

Functional Medicine Centers believe in testing and balancing blood glucose levels as a way of determining what foods do and do not work for each patient. We are not just looking at blood glucose in a one time lab draw and determining whether someone is diabetic. We want to know what the blood sugar does throughout the day in order to determine whether spikes and crashes are contributing to overall health and well being. Roller coaster blood sugar levels increase inflammation in the body and trigger the immune system in ways that can lead to disease. Our nutritionists work one on one with each patient to help pinpoint what to eat and when

Our Nutritionists connect with you virtually anywhere in the country

Our highly trained nutritionists can connect with you anywhere in the country over video calls. This adds convenience to an already busy schedule and reduces the concern for in office exposure to our patients that are at risk.

Nutritionists guide you through detox plans

The doctor will look at the initial assessments and may determine that a gentle liver cleanse or leaky gut repair diet will be helpful. Our nutritionists are here to completely hold your hand through that process. From explaining the diet and supplements to connecting with you and helping to navigate questions as they come up they are here to lean on.

There is no one diet that is right for any one condition

  • Dr Galyardt has found, from working with thousands of patients, that there is never a one size fits all for diet plans. Each individual has a unique history and genetic makeup and no one menu plan can fix a health imbalance. At all Functional Medicine Centers we monitor blood sugar and have each patient spend a week testing while eating the way they normally do. From there we talk with the patients about what they are eating before a spike or crash and help them determine what diet works for their body.

The Functional Medicine Center of Fort Collins

At the Functional Medicine Center of Fort Collins, our goal isn’t just to treat one symptom or disease, we want to help you achieve optimal health. We begin with lab testing to determine your health status. We also use blood chemistry analysis throughout your treatment to measure results and to ensure that changes are taking place biochemically in your body for lasting results.

We pay particular attention to neurology, endocrinology, metabolic dysfunction, hormone balance, digestive function, and chemical sensitivities among other aspects that commonly correlate with many disorders. Our goal is to utilize functional medicine to induce positive changes in brain chemistry and neurotransmitter functions so that it can work more accurately and efficiently.

At the Functional Medicine Center of Fort Collins, we are dedicated to helping you live a better overall life. If you haven’t had success with other treatments or prescription medicines, please don’t give up hope. Functional medicine has helped many people find relief from chronic conditions with individualized treatment plans based upon their particular needs. Contact us today for a consultation.

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