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Functional Medicine

A blood chemistry analysis should be considered with all new patients, especially those that have not had a comprehensive evaluation in the past year. Many health problems can be prevented and managed effectively with early detection. Laboratory testing is a major part of an Applied Kinesiology diagnosis.

The ranges that we evaluate are for optimal health and not just looking for disease. Through lab testing we are able to determine your health status, and track the results of our care. We will see symptom changes quickly and are able to confirm those changes are taking place biochemically in the body as well with follow-up testing.


What if you could eliminate or reduce chronic neurological conditions just by watching a movie or listening to music? It may sound too good to be true, but with the rise of computer technology, combined with decades of research in understanding brainwaves and how they affect your health, it is now possible to “fix” brainwaves and affect the way the body functions.

This new field, called Neurofeedback, is yielding positive results for many people with debilitating neurological symptoms. Research has shown people of all ages see dramatic improvement in ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Brain Injury, Migraines, Seizures, Chronic Pain, Addiction and more. Results like these have become too common to ignore.

Neurofeedback is not an instant process. It takes time for the brain to change and learn over multiple sessions. But eventually people can reduce or eliminate their reliance on medications. Neurofeedback has been proven to change the brain. It’s published in scientific literature. It’s used by thousands of licensed health professionals around the world. It could be the most important new tool available for mental and neurological health.