This informative guide to all things blood sugar will show the global impact of both high and low blood sugar on the many systems within the body. Current research confirms that blood sugar fluctuations negatively impact inflammation, hormone imbalance, autoimmune disorders, and even Alzheimer’s disease. After years of clinical application tracking the blood sugar of countless patients, Dr. Galyardt shares his expertise, delving into the underlying reasons that imbalanced blood sugar leads to many of the persistently negative symptoms associated with chronic disease today and how to overcome the yo-yo effect that causes so much suffering. Learn how functional medicine is reversing diabetes in as little as six weeks.Learn how fixing blood sugar can alleviate anxiety, depression, pain and fatigue.


Your brain can heal. According to conventional medical wisdom, each person is born with a fixed number of brain cells. Until the last 15-20 years, neuroscientists believed that the brain did not have the ability to heal; it could not repair itself or grow new cells. So if any brain cells were damaged, they were permanently lost. However, recent research has proved that the brain can create new cells (neurogenesis) as well as new pathways (synaptogenesis) throughout life. This book written by world-renowned speaker and neurofeedback specialist, Dr. Ben Galyardt, explains this process and more.

It was once believed that damaged brain cells could not be repaired. However, recent findings have revealed that you can stimulate your body to make more of a protein called the Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor that helps repair damage. One of the most effective ways to increase the production of this protein in your body is with high intensity interval training first thing in the morning.What It IncludesThere are so many tremendous benefits to HIIT, and this book shows you how to get a great workout in the comfort of your own home simply and easily every morning, including the nine minute high intensity interval training workout for beginners, as well as an 11 minute moderate and advanced version. Michelle B. Galyardt, MS, holds a masters degree in exercise physiology, is a Certified Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist, Certified Crossfit Level One Trainer, and life coach. Having overcome health struggles of her own, Michelle has a deep passion for using her personal experience and professional training to help others feel their best.