Dr. Chris Steiner

Dr. Christopher Steiner, DC, BCIM was born in the Bronx , NY . Upon graduation from Parker College of Chiropractic in 1998 he returned to NY and helped create Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital in NYC. Dr. Steiner was the Executive Director of the White Plains and Yonkers locations. In 2008 Dr. Steiner relocated his family to Colorado where he formed the Clear Mind institute of Colorado and the Chronic Conditions Center of Colorado. In Colorado Dr. Steiner focused on functional neurology. Helping patients who suffer with chronic pain and degenerative neurological disorders.
As the head doctor for the Nashville TN, location Dr. Steiner brings with him over 22 years of experience in helping people who suffer with chronic pain and illness.

Dr. Steiner has known Dr Ben Galyardt for years and was so excited to start incorporating the Galyardt Method into his practice and help bring this fantastic healing method to more people. He is fully trained in Dr Galyardt’s Method and has had phenomenal results treating chronic condones. such as autoimmune, thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, diabetes, PCOS, hormone imbalances, infertility and more.
When not in the office Dr. Steiner enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. He loves skiing, golf, football, lacrosse and being out in nature.