What is Functional Medicine?

If you’re interested in learning about functional medicine, you’ve come to the right place. At Functional Medicine of Fort Collins, our mission is to help our patients uncover the root causes of their ailments so they can change their lifestyle and engage in healthy choices to encounter better outcomes. Conventional medicine has warped our sense of health and many patients come to our clinic having spent years taking pills, seeing specialists, and not seeing any results. Functional medicine is at the frontier of medical advancement and places a great emphasis on the interconnectedness of the human body. We look forward to working with every patient who comes to our clinic because we love helping everyone live a happier, healthier, and more productive life.

Spending time with patients

One of the complaints we hear most from new patients who come to our clinic is that conventional doctors hardly spend any time with them. Beyond the mountain of paperwork and the rigorous schedules most doctors face, it’s no accident patients don’t develop close relationships with their doctors. Functional Medicine Center of Fort Collins is different. The doctor patient relationship is the cornerstone of what we do because it is during these times we learn about the patient’s medical history. From diet to lifestyle, we put together a full picture of a patient’s health and from there can recommended treatments to address the root causes of a medical problem.

Individualized treatment to ensure results

Conventional medicine generally dictates that for each “condition’ there is a set protocol that will work for each patient with that “condition’ with little variance. Functional medicine takes a different approach completely. We find that, even when two patients have been diagnosed with the same condition, they may have completely different bloodwork and different lifestyle habits which contribute to the issues. Therefore the treatments and next steps should logically be completely different because of the biochemical and physiological differences present. Functional medicine treatments are all customized based on a patient’s diet, nutrition, genetics, environment, sleep patterns, stress levels, and more. The systems of the body are all interconnected and addressing medical problems with all these factors in mind can have a dramatic effect.

A variety of techniques to achieve healthy outcomes

Functional medicine’s goal is to understand and harness the connectiveness between the various systems in the body. Whereas conventional medicine seeks to compartmentalize and specialize each system independently, functional medicine believes that the complex machine that is the human body must be looked at as a whole. Functional medicine treatments differ greatly depending on the ailment and can include dietary changes, exercise, physical therapy work, drugs, nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, spinal manipulation, regenerative therapy, and more.

Getting the care you need to thrive

Are you tired of living in pain and discomfort? Have conventional doctors not solved your medical problems? At Functional Medicine Center of Fort Collins, our goal is achieving healthy outcomes without pumping our patients full of pain pills and sending them out the door. We are committed to keeping our patients engaged in the treatment process because taking care of your body starts with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more about functional medicine and how it can completely change your life for the better.

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